January 27, 2009

Rescuing Bo

It was all my wife's idea; I had nothing to do with it.

I knew taking the family out to see Marley and Me on the big screen the Saturday after Christmas wasn't going to quell her desire for another dog. It could only enhance it. But I didn't think she'd spend every day since trying to find the perfect fit.

We put down the world's greatest dog, a female black lab named Harley, in August of '07 and I swore I'd never get so attached to one animal again.

But my bride informed me Saturday that she had arranged for us to rescue a chocolate lab named Bo and he would be coming home the next day. What's a dog-lover to do?

He's a classic, strong, maybe even show-worthy, 14 month-old beauty. He's either a little on the dopey side or is still testing our mettle. Either way, he's a welcome addition to our home.

Thank you to Bo's first family, who obviously cared a lot about this animal. Their hand-written note says he heels on the left, has begun training for duck hunting, and can do blind retrieves. He's a great dog!

We couldn't agree more. And we have two very happy young people who promise to take good care of him. Now, I need to learn a little about duck hunting.

Thanks as well to the fine folks at Happy Tails Rescue for facilitating the adoption.


Radu Gherman said...

Good for you. It says a lot about a person when they're willing to rescue a dog, rather than buy one. Best wished to you all.

page13 said...

Thanks Draco

mjloehrer said...

You're a better man than I. We had to put down our Dalmatian 14 years ago and I still haven't gotten over her; hence, doubtful I'll have one again. My wife has been bugging me ot get another pooch but, thank God, my grandson is gravely allergic to doggies.

Anonymous said...

Well Done, Sir.

My wife works with another nurse who also volunteers for a Greyhound Rescue (CHEAP PLUG: http://www.lindasgreys.com/)

3 years ago, she approached my wife and asked about our willingness to temporarily foster a greyhound. Linda Ann had suffered from a broken hip, and needed temporary homes to help while she recovered. My wife and I discussed it, and she called the co-worker back and said "we'll adopt one permanently! We'll get too attached to it!!!"

A few days later we found ourselves at a "meet and greet" for potential adopting families, and met "Chloe", a very lovely young lady- dark brown, light brown, tan and white "brindle" or what I call "tiger striped" greyhound. She was 5 years old, and yes, a retired racer, with the tatooed serial numbers in her ears to prove it (racing name: "Fanatic Mary."

She has proven to be a wonderful addition to our family, and I highly reccomend greyhounds to anyone who may be considering a rescue.


googler said...
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