January 12, 2009

SCOTUS Denies Writ Decision, For Now

The Supreme Court has denied Philip Berg's request for a decision on the Writ of Certiorari BEFORE judgment from the 3rd circuit court of appeals is rendered.

All this means is that a lower court remedy is still possible. If the third circuit denies Berg's request, then he may re-apply to the SCOTUS.

The Supreme Court could also put a hold on the proceedings to administer the oath of office, but I doubt they would be so proactive and rather let the process work in the courts.

Berg issued a press release on his site obamacrimes.com. The statement includes Berg's reasons why he continues to pursue this option,
“Obama is setting himself up to be blackmailed and perhaps he is already being blackmailed. He was the candidate for ‘change,’ but look at his cabinet – 70% from President Clinton’s days and how about his Secretary of Defense, Gates. Give me a break!

There is nothing more important than ‘our’ U.S. Constitution and we will fight on!”


Anonymous said...

Do you really hope that Berg is successful with this? Do you really believe that President elect Obama is not a natural born US Citizen? The pursuit just seems so desparate.


page13 said...

Better question...

Is the constitution worth the paper it's written on or not?

I would have hoped Barack would provide the evidence needed to make Berg go away, but for some reason he won't.