January 14, 2009

17 Pleas for Committee Support

The event was attended by the political diehards, but it should be every GOP committeeperson's highest priority.

Last night was the first of two gatherings sponsored by MCRC for the growing list of candidates vying for Montgomery County's Court of Common Pleas to state their qualifications for the job. The endorsement vote by the committee takes place on March 12th and will determine who will represent the GOP in this year's critical local elections to fill the 7 vacancies at the Montgomery County courthouse.

Presidential elections will have a larger turnout. But in off years, voters are more directly affected by the results of these contests. You could argue that makes them more important.

Montco Democrats must feel these seats are ripe for the taking. But based on the quality of the talent I saw tonight, this will not be as easy as the Donkeys would like it to be.

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