January 9, 2009

It's About Time

In September of '86 I attended my first class at Penn State Abington. It was called Ogontz back then, and I was under the impression an engineering degree was in my future, eventually I would become an architect.

But after 2 days of classes, I no longer held that dream. For the first time in my life, I didn't like the direction I was headed. I just couldn't see myself chasing moments or tangent lines (calculus/engineering terms) for the rest of my career. I tread water for a couple years trying to find my niche, but ultimately left college for the home building industry.

Since then, I have molded a nice career out of the move. But I've always wanted to get back and finish what I started.

Today, I accomplished that goal.

Along with 222 classmates (196 bachelor and 26 associate degrees), a lot of whom were born around the time I attended my first class, I ended a (uh hem) 22 year mission to get my degree. A Bachelors of Arts in Corporate Communication can now be associated with my name.

Many thanks to the professors, staff, and classmates I have met over the many years. It's been an honor to learn from every single one of you. Dr. Karen Sandler, Chancellor of the college, and the entire Penn State Abington family can be proud of the hidden gem in our town and the future thinkers, creators, and leaders it produces.

State Representative Josh Shapiro (D-Abington) was in attendance and offered a nice quote for the occasion, by Dr. Seuss of all people,
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
But the quote of the day came from the inspirational Commencement Address by Dr. Laura P. Clark, a Penn State Abington Advisory Board member.

She told the audience a story about the many influential people who helped shaped her career. Many of whom overcame great odds themselves to achieve their goals. Not deterred by their challenges, these role models taught her about perseverance and completing a mission.

Her message to us, when disappointment comes (and it undoubtedly will), you need to make the most out of the opportunity that lies ahead. In short,
A setback, is just a set up, for a comeback.
This new Penn State Alum can surely appreciate those words.


Draco said...

Congratulations, Ed. A fine job. I would have been there for the ceremony, but I figures I had to work so didn't register to walk with the summer graduates. Thanks for the details, and good luck in the future.

JB said...

Very proud of you! Shoulda stuck with me in trig...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ed, Well Done!