January 29, 2009

Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week. It's a celebration of the history, faith, and determination of parents and school administrators who continue the strong tradition of a Catholic School education.

I spent 9 of my grade school years in the system started by St. John Neumann, a forgotten Philadelphia icon unknown to much of the city's residents. At 5th and Girard, a shrine in his honor has existed in the basement of St. Peter's church since 1860, in the slowly-rebuilding Fairmount section of the city.

The Evening Bulletin has a good article about the history of the Catholic School system and its focus on "classical education".

Though its teachers are unionized, the union rarely bullies its employer. Though Catholic, children of all faiths are welcomed and given a solid education. They dare to start each day with a prayer, not a moment of silence. The greatest advantage of the parochial system, the ACLU doesn't control the activities within their walls.

Their parents continue to fork out hard-earned money for the education. The government continues to punish them for their choice by not allowing for vouchers to help offset the additional costs. Instead, Catholic school parents have bake sales, sell various items door to door, or hold pancake breakfast events to help raise money.

If your children are in Catholic School, as mine are today, God bless you for your faith in the system. If you attended Catholic schools, but have chosen something different for you kids, stop by your local parish office and check out what's happening in today's Catholic schools. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


mjloehrer said...

Thank you. I, my wife and our children are graduates of the Catholic schools. Our grandchildren will be headed in the same direction. Much can be said about spirituality and happiness in the home. They go hand in hand and the system helps provide.

Ralph said...

There was nothing spiritual about my 12 years of Catholic education. Most nuns were abusive and scary, some priests were homosexual predators and the atmosphere was one of control. Not to say that it’s a bad thing, “control”, but the control was used wrongly. What would Jesus do you ask? Certainly not beat you over the knuckles with a yard stick and send you to hell for not completing your homework.