January 3, 2009

Israel Bypasses MSM, Tweets Instead

Last year's death of journalism is leading the Israeli government to resort to more modern forms of mass communication.

Andrew Ian Dodge from Pajamas Media tells us how their message is being pushed through social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube rather than via the MSM outlets who've shown little interest in fair or balanced reporting.
It is clear that this will be the future for many organizations tired of being misrepresented in the press and of prejudiced members of the media always doing them down.
The Twitter feed (or "hashtag") AskIsrael and the YouTube site IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) are the channels being utilized to defend their decisions and to allow open discussion of the current conflict.

A brilliant move by an advanced-thinking leader in the world, of communication.


Draco said...

Would have been a great move 5 years ago, but many shady organizations have been using social media for at least that long. The thing about those vehicles is that they don't tend to bring in a new audience, especially when the subject of the campaign has nothing to do with entertainment. More importantly, they are not a means of influencing opinion, because they aren't seen as impartial. Still, it's nice to see that the Mossad has thought this through and is moving into 2009 with all bases covered.

page13 said...

I think the public is starting to separate their news and information gathering from their entertainment.

In fact, you could say they always have. TV is still influential with the lazy (or those who can only handle entertainment news), as it always has.

It was print media where folks who cared turned for hard news. This news is now found in the new media.

Yes late, but smart to recognize.