January 22, 2009

Left Gets Rush Wrong, Again

Several lefty blogs have once again failed to actually listen to what Rush Limbaugh has said. They take 30 seconds of a 10 minute interview and make judgments which are so easy to dispel, it's barely worth noting. Yet I do it anyway.

Does Rush want Obama to succeed?

It's the liberal agenda Rush wants to fail, not Obama personally. He says if Barack supported the same things Reagan did, he would want him to succeed.

Limbaugh will continue to be the target of even more "fat, drug-addicted, blowhard" leftist hatred now that Bush is gone.

He has assumed the role of opposition leader and the primary personality of conservative republicans, who lack an heir-apparent voice of the movement.


mjloehrer said...

my apology. I like to think I'm hip, too since I graduated in the class of
'86. Whoops! I should have written the Class of '68 I did, by the way, clean up your web site on mine so folks can go directly to it. MJHawk.

mjloehrer said...

Is it okay to re-edit a cite after it's been out there awhile? I hope so. Maybe my post looks more accurate now.

page13 said...

I wouldn't sweat it, the markets will survive. :)

page13 said...

Confirming my point that Limbaugh is the leader of the opposition...


alerts said...
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