March 1, 2008

Penny Protest

Kids these days, I tell ya.

Actually, it seems there's hope for future generations. The unique plan by Readington, NJ middle-school students shows original thinking can flourish despite an overly uptight school administration and staff.

Protesting a decision to shorten their lunch period, more than two dozen students paid for their lunch, entirely with pennies. They used text messages to organize their effort. In some cases, the coins were wrapped, although I would have enjoyed it more had they left them in coffee cans.

Typical response by school administrators, they served the protesters two days detention.

"There are ways to express yourself that are not disruptive to other kids and disrespectful to staff," said Readington Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jorden Schiff.

It goes to show you that some educators are entirely too sensitive and easily out-classed by students nearly a quarter of their age. Give them an atta-boy for originality and get over yourself Doc.

Quite a different way to resolve a dispute than from the story below...

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