March 16, 2008

Abington Changes - part 2

As promised, here's video of the Michelle Obama event at Abington High School. The video is the original broadcast of Abington News and Views, as it appeared on Channel 66 (Comcast Willow Grove).
White text overlaid is editorial commentary

Just 48 hours before the event, this type of politicking was not allowed on school grounds by Abington School District policy.

Thanks to the Abington School Board, video tomorrow, it now is...


Anonymous said...

It also represents a change in the way democrats are operating. They have always been careful to disguise such activities as something else. This time they barely bothered to manufacture the "America's Promise" pretext. Not only Republicans, but everyone who pays taxes to the school district should be deeply offended that their money was used to fund the Obama campaign.

Note on the "avid" school supporter Mr. Shapiro: While he has certainly made some in his party unhappy with the Obama support (on top of the hurt feelings created when he leaped over long-serving members to become dupty speaker), and his real legislative accomplishments are much less than the hype, this will in no way diminish the state funds that have been put at his disposal. And, it is my educated guess that the Gov. is not so displeased and maybe even gave a little push in that direction as his way of covering all of the bases. Rep. Shapiro owes the Governor so much that he knows that if Hillary should lose, he can still get whatever he wants from Obama through the Shapiro backdoor.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! How can the school district allow something like this to happen? Regardless of your political affiliation this should not be allowed to happen in a public school.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed - why don't you tell the "REAL" story like your page promises? Or at least get your facts straight....

This is no different then when Bush visited Abington High School when he was campaigning in 2000. Oh wait, it was different, republicans controlled the school board and the governor's office. You conveniently left out the part of the article where "McGarry said the school district set the precedent for candidates visiting in 2000 when then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush stumped in the school district upon the advice of then-Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge."

Why did you leave that out and why are you so outraged now? Anyway, aside from pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of your post and the comments, sincerely isn't it a good thing when students can be front row center in the presidential race? Doesn't that go directly to the youthful apathy we as a society lament about on election day? That would be true if it is a visit from McCain, Obama, Clinton, heck even Nader....

Try to tell the whole story next time if you want to tell the REAL story.

page13 said...

Check tomorrow's Times Chronicle/Glenside News.

I address the Bush visit and the numerous Shapiro visits since he came to office. Josh is often seen in a photo op, with a check in hand or an award to give.

No one, including Republicans who controlled the school board until last year's coup, ever complained about these events. We are measured enough to understand the difference.

Bush's "event" involved 12 students, a few cameras, and Tom Ridge. A far cry from last Thursday.

Neither the Bush nor Shapiro events compare to the Obama event. Neither Bush nor Shapiro were handing out campaign buttons, hanging banners, or pretending to be there for an award ceremony. Neither Bush nor Shapiro had registration tables set up.

You know this, but fail to tell......THE REST OF THE STORY. Nice try anonymous #3 writer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3 --

I agree that it is a good thing for students to have the opportunity to be front and center. But this was not an educational opportunity, it was a campaign event. But even worse - what made this so outrageous is that it was engineered to look like an ENDORSEMENT event. I have no doubt that 95% of those kids, attending or not, are left with the impression that "my school and my teachers love Obama and want him to win". Which was the whole point. Change indeed.

Anonymous said...

I’ve read through the posts and the comments, and no one really addresses the flawed logic here. First you complain that they change the rules so politics can enter the school. Then you complain that they do not stick to the premise during the speech. If they suspended the rule, then they don’t need your supposed premise, right?
Also, the last complaint is that Obama is popular and generating a lot of interest and a lot of people showed up, is that it?

Finally, Page13 did not address the most critical issue, the importance of the presidential nominees in coming to our schools. Comment #3 is right on, this is an honor regardless of party affiliation. It seems to me that a true “conservative” would recognize that, but a simple party shill…, not so much. You have a nice page though.

page13 said...


I want to be clear. I am not opposed to Ms Obama's appearance or politics on school grounds.

First, I am offended that one school director found out about the idea 7 minutes before the meeting started. (see part 3 video)

Secondly, the issue that brought Michelle to our school was "sold" as being about the school/township achievements. If they wanted to change the rules to allow for the show, they didn't need to lie to the residents and students.

That's the real rub. They knew it wouldn't sit well with some, so they manufactured a "legit" reason for the visit.

Thank you for your sincere response and question. Glad you like the site, check in often.