March 26, 2008

Convention-Al Wisdom?

What if neither Hillary nor Barack secure enough delegates before the convention?

Will a settlement be reached? Will pretty-boy John Edwards, and his 61 delegates broker a deal? Will either side accept not being on top of the ticket?

According to at least one super-democrat-delegate, the possibility of another solution exists. If the donkeys go down this road, then the chaos we see now is only the beginning.

The former next President of the United States (and global warming propagandist/profiteer) Al Gore, is being considered one potential solution to the donkey's conventional mess.

Can you imagine the outcry from democrat ranks with this solution? Can you imagine the GOP bumper sticker possibilities?

Selected, not elected - Gore 2008
Democrats - knowing what's best for you since before you were born
Choice, reserved for super-delegates
Gore, the choice of no generation
Gore, the other white meat
Gore, just a typical white guy

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