March 8, 2008

Circus is in Town

Six weeks until the Pennsylvania Primary. Six weeks of razzle-dazzle, smoke and mirrors, Obama rally fainting spells, Clinton "Monster" machine tactics, and of course, cries (literally) of CHANGE.

Republicans are weary of the anticipated swing of newly registered democratic voters over the final two weeks before the March deadline. A good number of the registrants will be due to the excitement of the moment that will capture the youth. However, others will be repeating what happened in Texas, where republicans lined up at the opportunity to put the final nail in the Clinton coffin.

Committeepeople in the Philly burbs are aware of this and have plans to counter the switch. The trio of Manion, Gerlach, and Kats give conservatives cool to McCain, somewhere to focus their attention.

Whether Hillary or Barack, the left represents a return to socialism and retreat from the war. If Hillary wins, the youth in the democrat party will feel robbed. Her negatives will also help GOP registration efforts. If Barack wins, he has to rely on the unreliable youth to show up, unlike they did for McGovern in 1968, the last time the youth were supposed to make an impact.

Republicans will have their own opportunity to increase registrations after the primary is over. Can they get their act together and capitalize?

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