March 30, 2008

Welcome to the Party Pal

On March 7th, Michael Gulotta sent a letter to the editor of The Reporter (the second letter in the link) to inform the public of a lawsuit filed against him by a Republican committeewoman.

One question I have. Why did none of the Top 5 PA Bloogers, especially those interested in Montco happenings, have this story appear on their radar? The letter to the editor was submitted three weeks ago.

All GOP committee persons were informed of this issue via a letter from Gulotta, with a copy of the front page of the lawsuit, and a copy of the letter to the editor. One opinion of the issue is here.


Anonymous said...

Very good point. It seems that we are only being given part of the story. I would expect more from the bloggers who consider themselves true "politcos".

I guess when Kerns sues other party members its not news. Yet he is campaigning to be elected position where he needs to unite the party??? Is he confused or am I?

Bill Shaw said...

I, for one, didn't think that a "crybaby" was worth my due diligence.

I was challenged in my first run as a committeeman. It took about 6 months for me to finally get appointed. Did I cry?

No, I shut my mouth, got to work, made connections, and in 4 short years have built myself into something.

So, when someone cries, "Wahhhhhh, the big boys are picking on me", I say, "shut up and make something of yourself, you freakin' sissy.

Oh, and maybe you think that Kerns suing party members is news? How about Vlahos giving $250.00 to Michael Nutter's campaign last May?
paste this into your browser, kiddo:

Good way for Vlahos to contributing to democrats!


page13 said...

Your powers of persuasion and eloquence are truly compelling.

Did Jim Vlahos personally challenge your petition? If not, explain the relevance.

Now, if I could get you to think just a wee bit below the surface...

Ok, Jim gave a small contribution to the predictable next mayor of the large town nearby. I doubt I would've done it, but it's called playing the game.

Perhaps democrat voter support in Pottstown was needed for Republicans to win, which I believe was the result. Are you discounting the possibility that Pottstown republicans, who are now in control, didn't benefit from Jim's donation and/or ability to work with Dems?

Now let's compare that to some other ways of doing things...

1- Claim that anyone worried about bully tactics in the party are "freakin' sissies and crybabies"
2- Attack my area leader with similar words I refuse to repeat.
3- Sue fellow GOP volunteers as a welcoming present from leaders in the party.
4- Attack someone (Jim V.) who's methods are working where, I believe, registration numbers aren't favorable.
5- Sue the party because of a lost chairman's race.
6- Serve Republican committee people (including some current elected officials) with subpoena's to challenge the petition of an incumbent row officer. (sense a trend yet?)
7- Claim anyone challenging Kerns and friends actions, are just blind supporters of Davis or Matthews.

Until he announced, no one associated Jim V. with anyone in current leadership. In fact, do you know where he stood a year ago? I suspect you don't because you don't have time for "due diligence".

Finally kiddo, when you start using reasoned arguments and adult language, you can refer to me that way again.