July 6, 2008

Obama Moving Right?

It must be general election season. As shown by this ABC report from Jan Crawford Greenburg, albeit in blog form, the MSM is starting to notice Barack Obama embracing his own concept of Change.

Several policy shifts, starting with his flip on public campaign funding, have Barry looking like another run of the mill politician.

The report points out that the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee has broken with liberal Supreme Court justices on two major issues - abortion and guns.

Likewise, Obama has been "refining" his position on the Democrat's cornerstone issue, Iraq, ever since Bush started giving the top two Democratic primary candidates insights into the real picture there. This revelation came courtesy of a book by Bill Sammon, The Evangelical President, in late 2007.

At the time, a Bush spokesman stated the President's motivation for doing so was to enlighten his potential successor, so they'd have a clear understanding of the situation. Additionally, Bush thought it might help keep his replacement from foot-in-mouth-disease while in the Oval Office, because of something irresponsible said on the campaign trail. A fact given little main stream media attention.

Now, as pointed out by Tom Baldwin for The Times Online, Barack is talking less of troop withdrawal and more about whether "conditions are still holding" for such need.

How badly will Obama's shift on issues like Iraq, guns, and abortion hurt him with his far-left base? Better yet, how badly will the weakness of his convictions hurt him with the voting public?

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