July 16, 2008

Television Debut

Last night I joined Ted Taylor, columnist for the Times Chronicle and Glenside News, for the taping of a new series entitled Off the Record. Hosted by Martin Katz, Off the Record will air during Abington News and Views, a local weekly series covering events in Eastern Montgomery County.

We discussed a wide range of political topics from the Presidential election to issues specific to Abington. Though Ted and I have differed on issues in the past, the mood was light and non-combative.

As one who's not used to being in front of the camera (everyone has a first time), it's not easy for me to judge my performance until I see the final product. The one issue I struggled with was real estate property taxes; I'm not even sure I bought my own opinion on that one.

The Dems in Abington have already start complaining about equal time, so we can expect them to be joining us in future episodes. I look forward to the challenge.

Many thanks to Tom Kirk - cameraman, editor, and producer of Abington News and Views - for the invitation. The pilot episode of Off the Record will air July 25th at 7pm on Comcast Willow Grove's channel 66.

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