July 22, 2008

Pregunta Excelente

Mark Krikorian raises an interesting issue at The Corner, National Review Online's blogging section, regarding Mexico's highest honor being bestowed upon a United States Senator for his work on immigration.

Well done Senator! I'm just wondering when you will start working for your constituents, instead of our friends south of the border.


Anonymous said...

It's not for illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are the problem, not all immigrants. My grandmother was an immigrant 100 years ago. I am glad that the government supported immigration.

page13 said...

No, of course it's not for illegal immigrants...because that would be politically deadly to the Democrats.

It was for all his hard work attempting to grant amnesty for illegals last year. They (Mexico) just couldn't say so.

Or did you forget Kennedy-McCain already?? The GOP faithful haven't forgotten, which is why we aren't thrilled with McCain as our choice.