August 1, 2008

Twenty Years of Excellence

Happy Anniversary Rush Limbaugh! The leading voice of the modern-day conservative movement celebrates his 20th year behind the golden EIB microphone today.

The first time I saw Rush was during a 2am airing of his television show back in '92. He was too controversial (i.e. conservative) to be given a prime-time slot. However, despite attempts to hide him on late-night t.v., Rush was already beating Letterman and Arsenio Hall in the ratings game.

He's written two books, The Way Things Ought to Be and See, I Told You So, both of which were New York Times best-sellers. He's been the leading talk-show host for years, with nearly double the audience Howard Stern had before leaving for Sirius in '95. Now at over 20 million listeners, Rush is as influential as ever.

While it's hard to pin down one of my favorite Rush moments, I often refer back to his 35 undeniable truths of life (2nd version) and marvel at how accurate it's remained over the years.

You don't achieve such success without sustainability and credibility. No matter what the childish left calls the man, he's been an inspiration to those of us who've been loyal listeners over the years.

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