August 27, 2008

DNC Night Two - Barack Will Re-Define Time

While watching MSNBC last night - don't ask me why - I heard Spike Lee make a comment during an interview from the convention floor and nearly spit my beverage across the room.

Referring to how much things will change with an Obama presidency, Lee stated,
It's going to be before Obama, B.B., and after Obama, A.B. - and some folks better get used to it.
Never mind that Spike apparently can't form a proper initialism, I was convinced it would be the last time the remarks would see the light of day. Thanks to this article, I see I was wrong.

Hillary's speech last night, combined with Bill's earlier in the day, doesn't seem to indicate the Clinton's are ready to give up just yet.

Until the actual delegates are counted, I still see a possible fight brewing. That will be Must-See-TV.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw Spike's incoherent manifesto. McCain should pay to turn that into an ad and run it nationwide.

He'd win in a landslide.

Barack should quietly ask every prominent African American from hollywood to sit this election out. Because the more people in Bute, Montana and Pittsburgh, PA see of people like that, the more they fear Kid 'N Play will be filming the next chapter of the "House Party" movies in the White House if Obama wins.

Spike and his ilk do Obama no favors.