August 28, 2008

DNC - Night Three

The problem for Dems last night - after Bill Clinton, Biden's performance was underwhelming.

For some reason, the Democrats keep missing the best talking points in their arsenol. They seem to have accepted the notion this election is all about Obama and feel obligated to continuosly pump him up with empty platitudes.

With their focus on the Chosen One, they've nearly abandoned bashing W - their most effective weapon in recent years. Can't they say Haliburton, Katrina, WMDs, Dick Cheney, selected not elected, Abu Ghraib, wire-tapping, et al anymore?

I guess they feel those failed arguments don't work anymore.

On a separate note; anyone notice Governor Bobby Jindal's proactive state of emergency declaration, urging residents of Louisiana to start making plans to evacuate the region? Proactive verses reactive, the difference between Republican and Democratic leadership.


JB said...

You must have fallen asleep early. After Bill gave W a good bashing, Joey continued the whipping and had the crowd chanting "that's not change that's more of the same".

All I know is that if Barry's tax proposals get passed my family will be crippled, we will almost certainly have to sell our little beach condo that I have spent my entire life working my ass off to achieve, and one of us may have to quit working since we won't be able to afford day care either. This has kept me awake at night for weeks and it makes me sick. Oh, and let's not forget my small business that will go under as well.

Dems certainly have a ridiculous and distorted definition of who is "rich". Save your tax punishments for the millionaires who can afford to lose $20K a year in net income without blinking an eye. Those of us who barely pass the thresholds because we work hard and earn it the old-fashioned way will surely perish.

page13 said...

Let me re-state that. Until Biden's speech, Dems had all but abandoned Bush bashing.

But when Biden said "from Afganistan to Iraq, from Amtrak to Veterans, I profoundly disagree with John" I had to laugh. Amtrak? Is that really a big issue in this election.

I did like what he said about his Mom, who told him to get up after being knocked down. "go bloody their nose"...something a conservative mom would say.