August 31, 2008

Why Palin? Change of Course

No matter who John McCain had chosen as his running-mate, he was going to take heat from several fronts. Selecting Sarah Palin only set him up for a slightly different slant on the normal criticisms.

By selecting a woman, McCain's opposition assumed the choice was just about gender, to pick-off Hillary voters - they are wrong. Doesn't their balking prove they are the ones focused on such insignificant issues?

By selecting a relative unknown, his opposition assumed the choice was made out of desperation - they are wrong. As one person asked (I honestly forget where I heard this), does one need an appearance on Meet the Press to be qualified for Veep?

By selecting a strong pro-life conservative, the left assumes Hillary supporters can't possibly vote for the GOP side of the ticket - they are wrong. Is it not possible there were pro-life Hillary supporters?

Palin is strong on several issues high on voters minds this November. On corruption, Palin's fight against her own party in Alaska proves she not afraid to take on the status-quo. On energy, Palin and most Alaskans want drilling in ANWAR and understands the fraud of (man-made) global warming better than even her running-mate does, let alone the left. On change, McCain virtually stated, I got your change right here.

Sarah isn't from inside the beltway - refreshing. She has more experience in Government (12 years) including 600 days as Governor (1 of 50 Americans with the title), than Obama. She also chaired the Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and served as its Ethics Supervisor for the commission.

Contrast that with Barry's 11 years and 143 working days as a US Senator (1 of 100 Americans). Obama is the chair of the Senate sub-committee of European Affairs - wooo hooo! He has yet to hold one meeting.

John McCain could have chosen anyone and he was going to get hammered. If he selected Romney, Pawlenty, or Ridge the detractors would have said, more of the same - another GOP white guy. Ridge would not have energized the base as Palin has, Pawlenty would have made some yawn, and Romney would have caused similar pro-life arguments despite his flip-flop on the issue.

Sarah Palin has erased the entire bounce Obama received from the convention. Her detractors can't argue with her on issues, so they are attacking her personally. They insult her intelligence because they assume a former beauty queen can't possibly have much depth. They attack her experience, but fail to admit Obama's lack of the same.

She is a pro-life Catholic and a hockey mom who hunts. She has a positive energy which is contagious. You can measure her impact by the type of criticism she is receiving.

By asking the question, "Are you serious?", the left is exposing their ignorance on gender, small-town America, and conservatives, once again.

So much for change.

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