August 26, 2008

Opening Night DNC Convention

Short Version.

Caroline Kennedy introduced "Uncle Teddy" with stories attempting to show him as caring and loving. But when she went on to say that those who rely on government assistance in one form or another can thank Ted for what they have, she made a strategic mistake.

Caroline proved what conservatives have been saying for decades - Democrats are proud to proclaim that without their efforts, some of you would have nothing. Nothing like an entire entitlement class enslaved by politicians who believe they are helping.

Ted attempted to give the torch-passing speech. As an early Barry supporter, it seemed appropriate and attempted to stir up the old emotions of Camelot, once again. It worked with the dire-hards in the audience, but I doubt swing voters were moved. The fact that he was able to make it up on stage and deliver the remarks at all was an accomplishment of its own.

If you were seeing Michele Obama for the first time, I suppose her speech may have hit a few emotions or two. Her job was to humanize Barry and she succeeded at doing that.

However, those of us in Abington who were honored to have Michele speak to us earlier this year, heard pretty much the same rhetoric.


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