August 3, 2008

Fantasy World

Last week, one individual suggested that I might be living in a fantasy world. He actually said a lot more, referring to me as someone who was, among other things, desperately trying to hang on to my youth.

You know, to a certain extent, he was absolutely right.

For each of the last 15 years, I've spent the month of August doing research, taking notes, and analyzing statistics. Spending time reading magazines, searching websites, and watching television, all in an effort to find every little angle which will give me an advantage.

All this preparation for one day, one six-hour event which will define the rest of my year.

I'm talking draft day of course - fantasy football draft to be precise.

Armed with cold beer, cigars, and cheat-sheets, myself and eleven of my fellow wanna-be NFL GMs gather for an afternoon of football, trash-talk, and good food.

These days, the draft is also a time for us to share family photos and reminisce about old friends who have passed. It's the one day on our social calenders when everyone is in attendance.

Since going online in 2000, my teams have combined to hold the SFL's second best record and my name is permanently engraved on the SFL Championship Beer Mug twice. My first-ever draft pick was, no surprise, Dan Marino and to a fault I tend to have too many Dolphin players on my roster yearly.

Best of luck to all you fantasy football players out there as your own draft day approaches. As for my fellow SFL owners, class will be in session soon; you might as well just hand the mug to me now.

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page13 said...

FYI...The Imus photo was my team's (The Nappy Headed Hoes) logo last year