August 25, 2008

Rumblings in Denver

Courtesy of, the unity theme in Denver seems to be just pretty window dressing to conceal what's really happening.

Biden's pick essentially gave McCain, not Obama, a bump and he doesn't have the poll lead one would expect given the "horrible economy" and the low approval of President Bush. If you add Barry's unimpressive showing in the primary season's second half to the mix, one must conclude the Obama campaign needs a major bump - a total success - from this convention.

Success for Obama means a quiet news front (read protestors and Clintonites) but loud and moving sound bites about unity. But the rumblings both inside and out of the Staples Center don't point toward such unity and I can see a minor incident pushing tensions over the tipping point.

Remember Barry's flip on Iraq, partial-birth abortion, and guns? The base, not to mention the power-brokers in the Democratic party, are nervous and the public is already suffering from Obama fatigue.

You know, it's not too late for the super delegates to change their minds.

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page13 said...

Of course it the Pepsi Center...sorry, I thought they were in Hollywood for a moment.