August 19, 2008

Shore Blogging

I couldn't resist. Even while on vacation in lovely Ocean City, New Jersey, I had to check in to share a few notes and observations from the shore...

While driving home from Pirates Cove Mini Golf Sunday night, all the big flat screens I could see from the car were tuned into the Olympics. It could indicate there's simply nothing else to watch or Americans acutally enjoy watching competition when the U.S. Team is performing well.

The four year old shot a 66 at the O.C. par 3 course by the airport. He nearly hit a birdie - no, not a one-under-par on 12, rather a Canadian goose who refused to move. No comment on my own score.

Uncle Bill's Pancake House is fantastic.

Be back Saturday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bill's is always a must every time we are in OC. I suggest the Stuffed French Toast!