August 10, 2008

Slow Death of "Journalism"

Neal Gabler's been around long enough, he should know how to hide his obvious adoration of the Messiah. Sadly the MSM has simply stopped trying to be objective in their coverage. Sure, it's an op-ed, but a weak one.

Mark Hemingway at The Corner has a great rebut to Gabler's LA Times opinion drivel. The money quote,

I presume Gabler thinks what we really need is a movie about a sensitive young man who, despite being raised in relative affluence, overcomes a negative self-image brought on by his racist grandmother before going on to a triumphal and dynamic episode as editor of the Harvard Law Review, eventually rising through the ranks of the Illinois legislature where he succeeds by mastering the art of voting "present," before dipping his toe in the Senate so he can be crowned leader of free world. For my money, that sounds about as exciting as Phonebook: The Movie.
Neal obviously doesn't see that Barack is the definition of the rock star. Gabler's attempt to provide cover for his hero using such a weak argument proves Hollywood's and MSM are growing desperate to save him. No matter how much blush they apply, they can't disguise what's becomingly obvious.

Barack is a mere thesbian, a used-car saleman, lacking depth beyond the script, with little experience, and thinner skin.

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