August 23, 2008

See, I Told You So

Although I don't usually like to brag, Barack Obama's Veep choice was revealed here, ten days before it became apparent to the rest of the world.

The question now becomes, what does Joe Biden bring to the Obama campaign? Why did Barry pass on a woman or a younger runnning mate?

The answer is simple, Obama needs white men. To be worthy of the Commander-in-Chief position he is applying for, Barry must convince white men he is willing to surround himself with individuals who give him a smidge of credibility in the foreign affairs department. Biden adds gravitas the ticket desperately needs.

Biden is one of the Dems most intellectual speakers, despite his leftest leanings. He knows how to throw punches and dance around facts to suit his needs.

However, there are a couple reasons why this choice shows Obama is grasping at straws by picking this re-tread.

First is the mouth factor that comes with Biden. Remember it was Biden who is infamous for his "clean, articulate candidate" quote about Obama which virtually torpedoed Joe's run for the top office before it got off the ground.

Second, is Biden's age. At 65, he would be older than McCain if he chose to run after Barry served 8 years (assuming he lasts so long). I guess the late-night comics will have to create new material to use against McCain.

As for the "on the job training" Joe suggested Obama would need in the Oval office, I suppose the elder democrat will be providing the lesson plan.

The remaining question on my mind is how long it will take Joe to say something which dooms both candidates' aspirations for higher office.

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