August 28, 2008

Obama's Convention Speech

It ended with a country music song, then jumped into an orchestral overture like the ones that run with the credits at the end of a blockbuster movie. It was overdone with fireworks, streamers (which awkwardly draped over the stage) and confetti.
Am I the only one who thought the ending was uncomfortable at best?

But I digress, Barack Obama met the moment and the hype - he is perfect, if not designed, for this setting.

Denver police estimate the crowd at 85,000 - an impressive figure for sure.

There were plenty of sound bites the media will repeat, and one they surely won't. You can find that one below.

The theme seemed different and old in rhetoric at the same time. While appearing much more upbeat than prior Democratic Presidential Candidates have in the past, there really weren't any new ideas proposed.

In years prior, Democrat cadidates have fallen into the trap of seeming to have a disdain for America. Tonight, Barry didn't do that. Instead, he seemed to attempt to lump McCain as someone who doesn't get - and in turn he does.

He spoke of an America where anything is possible. In America, even a poor black kid from the south side of Chicago can make his dreams come true. One issue with this approach, it's a Republican ideal!

The problem with the left, and their new nominee, is the belief that THEY (or government) are the only ones who can provide these opportunities. He spoke of how "I've seen it in Illinois where we provided healthcare for children...and better care for veterans"

Affordable healthcare for everyone...paid sick days...$150 billion investment in renewable energy...can you say increased government spending?

No need, he did it himself when he said, "America, now is not the time for small plans." Chaaaaa-ching, that's the money quote!

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