August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustov - Good News for Idiots

Mike Moore is a moron. Sorry Mom, you taught me better. But this disgrace of a human being is thanking God for hurricane Gustav.

His logic, as stated on Olbermann tonight, it could ruin the GOP convention plans and remind everyone of what happened three years ago. He (and Olberschmuck) goes on to ridicule Bush for celebrating John McCain's 70th birthday the same morning (Monday) Katrina hit. Moore was making a lame attempt to show the two as out of touch at the moment when New Orleans was in harms way.

Way to have a firm grip on reality boys. You are aware it wasn't until Tuesday when the pumps failed and the levies broke, right? Which means the disaster Katrina left in her wake wasn't yet realized (chronologically speaking) when the birthday photo you two geniuses referenced was taken.

Moore's thoughts on Sarah Palin? Republican women are just dumb. Solid argument Mike, no really, I mean it.

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