April 9, 2008

Kats Fighting

Marina Kats, candidate for Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District, joined with Horsham residents in condemning Allyson Schwartz's recent flip flop about who should control the Willow Grove Airbase redevelopment. In a letter to the Intelligencer, Kats says Schwartz,

"...disregarded the local perspective and failed at a relatively basic function of her elected position: represent your constituents."

Kats says Schwartz signed onto a federal plan (backed by Jack our-soldiers-are-murderers Murtha) which gave sole control over the airbase to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This contradicts a local authority which Allyson enabled before supporting the federal plan.

Marina is showing a firm grip on reality regarding an important local issue to several suburban communities. Republicans in the 13th should feel a lot more confident in her ability to pick apart Schwartz. This race is just starting to heat up.

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