April 14, 2008

'Inventing John McCain'

Hat tip to Dan Cirucci for a Boston Globe article about John McCain's speechwriter and author of five McCain books, Mark Salter.

Salter's responsibility, transform John McCain from the often gruff Maverick Republican into a moderately appealing Presidential candidate.

Finding subtle ways to expose the empty message of Hope and Change, Salter aims to pick apart the Messiah's rhetoric with precise language. Salter's plan is portray McCain as humble, an "imperfect servant", not full of himself like Obama appears. From the Globe Article...
"He has run entirely on his persona being different," Salter said after Obama's Super Tuesday victories in February. "It's important that we puncture that myth."

While it appears the MSM is caught up in the hysteria that is Barack Obama, those responsible for creating the message McCain will deliver, appear focused on reality.

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