April 25, 2008

Moyers and Wright

A wise man once said,
PBS, the Montessori School for adults
Tonight, looney leftist Bill Moyers hosts Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Set your DVRs folks. I'm sure this hard-hitting interview will provide plenty of fodder for talk radio.

When on his pulpit, making his "America's chickens, are coming home, to roost" comments, Wright felt safe, open to speak freely. Little did he know his words were going to be used against him.

This time, he's fully aware of his audience. Does anyone think he will seem more measured, calm, and in control of his mouth?

Notice how the Sunday talk show analysts spin this version of Jeremiah. They'll claim his original words must have been overblown and taken out of context, given the way he performs in this charade.

One positive thing will come out. The whining about 30 second snippets will no longer be available for the reverend's excuse-makers.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever actually watched the whole sermon?

page13 said...

Yes, I've seen what http://truthabouttrinity.blogspot.com/ posted.

No, it doesn't change my mind about Wright.

First in the "Sermon", he talks about the way the government used to treat African Americans.

Then Jeremiah claims...
"Bill Clinton changed that. That with Clinton, we had an 'intelligent friend' in the Oval office...then we went from an intelligent friend to a dumb "Dixiecrat"...a rich Republican who has never held a job in his life...he's against affirmative action, education, healthcare...

Then Wright goes on about how God never changes, but Governments do, giving examples of Roman and English dominance. I agree with him on that, I like his point.

But the sermon's final minute goes back to the way America USED TO BE. He completely forgets our history.

Fact...Republican Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves
Fact...Dixiecrat is a term given to Southern Democrats who would not work with Democrat LBJ to pass the Civil Rights Act of the 60s
Fact...it was Republicans who helped LBJ pass the Civil Rights Act
Fact...Affirmitive action doesn't work...socialized healthcare doesn't work...unionized education doesn't work
Fact...only one US Senator is a former Klan member - that would be Dixiecrat Robert Bird
Finally, fact...George W. Bush is the first President, including slick Willy, to hold a Harvard MBA. Additionally, Bush has not overturned what Lincoln and the Republican party has fought for, equal rights for African Americans

Yes, America has changed for the better, but does Wright understand who is really responsible?

He apparently sees progress as how much the Democrat government gives his people, I see progress in how many people no longer need the Democrat government.

The soft bigotry of low expectations and selective memory about history, two things Wright is wrong about.

One last side note...in Moyer's PBS piece, there was a photo of Wright and Moyers in a hospital room where LBJ was recovering from gall bladder surgery. Wright was a pulminary technician for the Marines at the time; Moyers was a Presidential press secretary.

With such an intimate relationship with the former President, why is their collective memory of LBJ and the alliance with Republicans a forgotten fact?? I don't suppose politics has anything to do with it.

page13 said...

Robert Byrd, not Bird, has apologized for his klan activity.


But imagine a Republican having that kind of history. Would he be allowed a position that puts him 3rd in line for President?