April 20, 2008

Primary Winner?

Now that the Democrat Circus tour of Pennsylvania is almost over, let's review.

In the first Philly debate in November, Clinton whiffs on a simple question about illegals in New York being given drivers licenses.

In February, Clinton whines about having to field the first question in debates.

The Abington School Board gives in to pressure from Josh Shapiro and the Obama campaign, to reverse school board policy 48 hours before the March 13th rally.

Obama gives an empty speech about race March 18th, not to disassociate himself from clear anti-American rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright, but rather to point fingers at the typical white folk who make the reverend feel the way he does.

Clinton manufactures and exaggerates the danger she faced when traveling to Bosnia. Sniper-gate (I love the irony for the former Watergate lawyer) cements the notion that Hillary will say anything to appear as though she has gravitas.

Obama, showing his true opinion about Democrat middle-class white folk, makes his guns and religion clutching comments, followed by a awkward backpedal.

Obama and his supporters whine over tough questioning last Thursday from George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson. Both Clintons pile on, calling Barack a whiner. Hey Hill, remember the first question?

Add President Carter's embrace of Hamas, it's not an impressive six weeks from the Democrats. The primary winner in Keystone State? Clearly, McCain and the GOP.

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