September 24, 2008

The Experience of Legends

Here are a few facts about a would-be Vice President...

Under 45 years old
Loves the outdoors
Is an experienced hunter
Took on the Republican establishment
Has many children
Has 2 years of executive experience as Governor

In 2008, such a candidate is considered a political light weight. But in 1900, so was the conventional wisdom toward Teddy Roosevelt.

They mocked Teddy too, as this Wikipedia picture shows. But the leader of America's original progressive movement, is now permenently carved in Mount Rushmore's stone.

HT Ted Taylor


Draco said...

Umm, I'm not sure that the 2 years of experience were tyhe ONLY things that qualified TR. Even as a child, he had more "world" experience.

Palin just obtained her first passport. And what's with the media blackout at the UN?


page13 said...

No more worried than Obama is every time Biden opens his mouth.

Clean coal, dirty ads, bad veep choice. If only the "media" didn't suffer from its own Biden-blackout.

...obsessed about Palin are they?

Draco said...

Obsessed by the lack of substance.

Somehow, I just don't think Biden can hurt Obama as much as Palin can hurt McCain.

Not answering questions, throwing subpoenas out the window.....sounds like.....

page13 said... know the facts but choose to ignore them.

Freddie-gate and those are the subpoenas I'll be interested in.

Lack of substance? You mean like ACORN-activist-turned-Presidential candidate substance?

Here's how Joe shows he can't hurt Obama...

Draco said...

What facts am I ignoring?

At least Joe's honest.