September 4, 2008

McCain's Crowning Moment

The tone was different on the RNC's final night of their abbreviated convention.

The buzz was still all about the new rock star in politics, Sarah Palin.

Lindsey Graham and Tom Ridge did a fine job setting the table. Cindy McCain was stellar in her heartfelt speech about the man she married.

A few leftist wackos tried to spoil the event, but the crowd promptly drown them out. Pssssst, they're losing their minds folks!!

Not sure if the teleprompter was working tonight, but honestly who cared? The GOP doesn't need a flawless speech by an egotistical used-car salesman to win voters.

Instead, we choose to keep it real. WE GET IT.

I'm not going to hide my initial disappointment in John McCain being this party's choice. But tonight he proved why he should be elected president.

John wasn't afraid to deal the republican party a little tongue lashing. And while McCain could use a lashing himself on certain issues, he rightly stated that the GOP lost its trust from the voting public when it strayed from its (I don't know if he realizes he said it) conservative stances. Still, he tried to distance himself from the current republican brand.

Then he got into the "specifics on issues" that so many leftists asked for. He contrasted his PLAN to the failed policies of liberalism and their current poster boy.

He spoke openly and honestly about the direction government has taken and about specific ideas to fix them.

"Education", he stated, "is the civil rights issue of this century. What's the value of access to failed schools? ...empower parents with CHOICE...and help bad teachers find another line of work!!!!!!"

"We're going to stop sending money to countries that don't like us very much. We're going to start drilling off-shore, and start drilling now!! We'll invest in more nuclear power, wind, hydro, as well as alternative fuel industries. This will create new opportunities and jobs for the next generation."

He left foreign affairs to the end, noting Russian empire re-emergence and the war on terror. "We can't turn a blind eye to aggression. We face a lot of threats around the world, but I'm not afraid of them, I'm prepared for them."

"I hate war", he said, "but my obligation is to keep the country I love safe...and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for that privilege".

The final third of the speech was brilliant! Measured, full of common sense and personal stories. Not over the top with insults and one-liners. McCain took the high road, he finally looked like a true leader to me.

John put the unofficial nail in coffin tonight. Combined with Sara-cudda's speech the night before, the GOP has changed the tone of this race. The left won't recognize it until the polls tell them officially, but unless something unforseen takes place, it's over.

The GOP didn't need 4 nights to make their point - turns out they only needed two.


draco said...

you're right,if the GOP "unforsees" the next two months of debates. Palin was GREAT. I like her. She seems like good people. I like McCain too. He reminds me of both of my grandfathers (I'm not making fun of his age). I relate to him, and I admire him. He was a favorite of mine - one of the few to show up on the Daily Show. He's got guts. He's got class. But. I just don't agree with his policy.
If the election were truly decided by speeches and personality, we'd be a monarchy, headed by some celebrity. I give us a bit more credit. This is gonna be about policy, which is why I keep bringing it up. So let the debates begin.

page13 said...


Anonymous said...

If that was the best speech McCain ever gave, God help us. That speech was terrible. What the hell was he talking about. Mostly he was talking about nothing-My friends. Also, Palin reminds me of former Congressman Jon Fox another boor. Hell McCain should of
nominated that superstar guy who ran against Schwartz last year, ah wahats his name, RAJ, McCain likes props.

page13 said...

Yet another one who'd prefer the used-car salesman...

Speeches do not make good leaders...