September 18, 2008

Mentiras en Español

When you have something you must lie about, do it Spanish, no one will notice.

ABC is reporting that an ad by Barack Obama falsely connects John McCain and Rush Limbaugh on the issue of immigration and associates Rush with statements about illegals taken out of context. The problem? The ad ("Dos Caras")was run in Spanish - apparently to hide the outrageous charges contained within.

Of course, anyone who listens to Rush daily would know he and McCain were on opposite sides of the immigration issue and have been for a long time. The quotes attributed to Limbaugh in the ad were taken out of context, as the ABC report points out.

Now to the real issue. The ad proves the complete ignorance of the left. The Obama camp assumed Republicans would never discover the lies. After all, they can't possibly understand Spanish, right?


TrekMedic251 said...

No me gusta el mentiroso, Senor Obama!

Obama esta un pendejo!

page13 said...

En alguna parte, mi profesor español está riendo.

Draco said...

If you were aiming your ads at the Hispanic vote, what language would you use?

As for the remarks, Rush supports Mac, and he's glad to have him.

The way you expose this as a lie is if Mac personally responds with his opinion of Rush's comments. But he won't. Because he's not a maverick anymore. And the polls show that.

Anonymous said...

Those crazed Liberals have finally realized that the Republicans are lying about everything in their Ads, so why not join them? Why is it only evil if the Democrats do it?

Anonymous said...

How do you say "community organizer" in spanish?