September 3, 2008

RNC Convention First Half

Hurricane Gustav threw a curve ball at the GOP, so the first night of the convention was scaled back, leaving last night as the first opportunity for voters to hear from the right side of the aisle.

The bigger event on opening night came from "anarchists" (I put the quotes because the MSM is convinced Dems wouldn't do this) who attempted stir up a little news of their own. To their dismay, I'm sure, Gustav stole the headlines from them as well.

Night two, Fred Thompson, Presdient Bush, and former Democrat VP choice Joe Lieberman addressed the - I have to admit, unimpressive - audience.

Fred was fired up, but I can only wonder why he wasn't this energetic on the campaign trail. W called McCain "ready to lead" - an obvious link back to John's ads which portray Obama as not so ready. Lieberman's theme was to convince marginal Democrats to cross party lines because, "country is more important to me than party".
All good, not great, speeches.

However, these are clearly just the prequel to the main event - Palin.

Each one of my non-political friends still see Sarah as a lightweight. No doubt she will have a lot of attentive eyes tonight. She could make or break the entire convention, not to mention the fall election, with tonight's speech.


Anonymous said...

well Peggy Noonan, Mikes Murphy says "it's over". I guess Palin will soon have the time to sign up for "Mommie and Me" playdates with her daughter and Levi. What a Joke this women is, next VP. right.

page13 said...

Nothing discriminatory in that statement I suppose.

Noonan and I disagree, tonight will give all a sense who's right.

But you keep proudly beating your chest; keep underestimating "this woman". Plenty of political careers have ended making the same mistake.

Since it's your third reference to Mommy and me, I can only assume you have no material left.

As a democrat leader, you should have the confidence to put your name behind your words. Predictably, you wouldn't dare because it would spell the end of your political career, not to mention your party.

Your cowardly and anonymous attacks against "this woman" (and her 17 y/o daughter) are a sign of you ignorance and hatred; something you try - but fail- to pin on the GOP.

Come out of the shadows and stand behind your words.

draco said...

I have a question. If Palin has more experience when compared to Obama because he was only a Senator, shouldn't she be running for POTUS, because isn't McCain a senator as well?

page13 said... let's turn it around.

If Palin has so little experience and not ready to take over after McCain's final heartbeat, what makes you think Barry is up to the task on day one?

I wish I was the used car salesman when you came to the dealership. Because aparently you just need to be sold a bill of goods, by a slick talker.

draco said...

Good question. (From someone who has actually sold cars.) I'd start with the fact that the rest of the world is behind him, and he's RIGHT about his assesments about our state as a GLOBAL PARTNER. We are no longer THE LEADER. So, he has a sound base that he can use to augment his response to any situation, with Biden's help.
Isn't it a good thing to be able to muster support outside our borders? Or do we just carpet-bomb everyone, with bombs bought with Chinese money? Jesus, Palin doesn't even have an opinion about whats going on in the world. "She will", once she reads the many memos McCain has to draft for her.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm if the Donkeys are SOOOOO concerned about Palin's daughter not having practiced abstinance, shouldnt they be concentrating on preaching abstinance on a good portion of their own party? You know the ones....(hate to sound stereotypical here, but the truth is the truth) the ones in the inner cities....The ones that are reproducing before their own mothers reach the age of 40......Oh wait what am I thinking here, thats just more Donkey Welfare they would be eligible for.....

draco said...

I just dont know. It's like talking to Trogledytes. Except they can actually put together a sentence.
I do not give a rats tail about her daughter. If PALIN'S POLICY wsant what it is, I'd drop it. NO Donkey wants to preach abstinence, because it doesnt work. Cognition is wonderful. Switch off auto-pilot, and practice it. And really, stop bringing the girl up. I'd much rather talk about policy. Tabloids remind me of the GOP convention.

Anonymous said...

Draco wants to talk policy. Ok, lets talk policy. Lets talk about the donkey welfare given to those donkeys (again not to sound stereotypical, but it is what it is....) who live in the inner city and choose not to be abstinate?

draco said...

OK, lets talk about it. You correctly point out that pregnancy is the problem, which leads to welfare. So you look for a solution. You can cut the welfare, or you can try to curb the pregnancy rate. If you follow Palin, you get more pregnant teens, because she is obviously wrong on the abstinance policy. Or you admit she's wrong, and get to work on the problem. Again, all I'm trying to get from you is your opinion: is she or is she not wrong about this?
Take your time. I'll wait. -KW

Anonymous said...
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draco said...

Holy shit. I found me a racist. Ok, let me try to get this to you before the burning cross falls on yall's trailer.
Palin is a vicious supporter of abstinance only education - which means she's against teaching anything other than "say no". I'm sure a condom would have helped ease her way into politics, but that's hindsight.
Now that you know, you can make an informed decision. As far as your views about "inner-city folk", I can't even begin to feel sorry for you. I'm sure that one day, this country will pull itself together and welfare will be a thing of the past. I'm equally sure that people like you will still exist, but in far less quantity, because the "inner-city folk" will have pounded your monkey ass into the dirt.
Now hurry along, because I think your mamma might have thrown a red sock in with your white sheet laundry.
PS To the author of this blog - we have our differences, and surprisingly, things we can agree on. Please, don't ever delete "anonymous'" comments. They give us liberals something to fight for.

page13 said...

Anonymous, I don't share your opinion of inner-city issues and would prefer you keep this section free of (perhaps) tongue-in-cheek references which come off a little more than ignorant.

I'm deleting the last comment, because I believe it's off topic and does nothing to advance the conversation. I reserve the right to delete what is posted on my site.

With that said...

No Draco, she isn't wrong on abstinance, because those who live by the policy find it works every time.

You misunderstand why conservatives teach, as best they can, this option to our kids.

We choose to be real with them, tell them about the pitfalls of living in a "do whatever the heck you feel is right in the moment" lifestyle.

Instead, we teach them to resist the temptations. But in the end, they make the choices, they have to understand the consequences.

But as Dr. Phil said on Letterman last night, "my Dad told me a million times about not having sex...which meant nothing in the back of my Chevy"

You must be saying now, "ok, so why not tell them that if they will do it, use a condom?"

Conservatives understand it's the mindset of a do-what-makes-ya-feel-good attitude that does the damage. The damage a mere condom can't provide you shelter from.

draco said...

I get your point, and I see why you believe what you believe. I'm eons away from being a parent. But I'm also a realist. I would never tell kids to do what they want to do. But I'd want to make sure they understood and knew all there was to know about sex. I just don't think that telling them "just don't" works. Honestly, I think our society makes it harder for kids to say no. But I'd feel much better if they learned about condoms and safety.
It's either:
"Hey kids. Mom, dad, and God would rather you don't do that."


"I know what its like. Here's the reasons why you sohuldn't. Here's what happens if you do. IF you do, here's how to be safe about it."
Information sets us free.

One other thing, by the numbers. How many kids, conservative or liberal, live by that creed? Really.
I'd rather have my daughter learn about condoms from a teacher, rather than her first boyfriend, who puts on two to be extra safe.
(Those of you who don't get it.....start expecting).