September 1, 2008

Palin's Daughter Expecting

Multiple sources on this one.

Sarah Pailin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant.

Bank on the usual suspects making jokes and attempting the ah-ha tactic, like one childish page13 reader did earlier today. Forget that it's a 17 year old, there's blood in the water. Never mind the personal issues the family has to deal with, the left will surely attack the Palin family for political gain.

Oh, by the way. She's keeping the baby and will marry the father. More than most of her critics would ever consider. That would be too inconvenient for them.


Anonymous said...

Who knows who the father is? At least mom and Bristol can go to Mommie and Me together. They can bond together.

page13 said...

Thanks for making my point.

Is the firm closed today?

draco said...

Abstinence-only education for you. I bet she's gonna stick to her guns too, completely ignoring the fact that hre policy failed her own FAMILY. Her daughter is out-of-bounds, but her policies are not. She's been proven wrong about this one; how many more is she wrong about?

page13 said...

Or in Obama's words..."I wouldn't want my children punished with a baby".

Individuals make decisions with consequences. In this case a beautiful new life will enter this world with parents who love them. And grandparents who do as well.

Is it a perfect world? No. Do conservative parents raise children who make mistakes? Sure. They just choose to handle it responsibly rather than take the easy way out (as in not turn to murdering innocent new life).

I don't see the logic (you assume conservatives believe) that this is somehow a "failed" family policy. We raise our kids to live right, but ultimately they make the choices which will affect their lives. When life (or fate) throws them a curve, they take their medicine and make the best of it. Not scream about "rights"; hide behind supreme court decisions.

You, on the other hand, make lame attempts to make this about something it isn't. You leftists assume this new life is a burden, a punishment. That's the difference between us.

draco said...

Where, anywhere, did I call the baby a burden, you grumpy neocon? Quick on the defense, I see. I said FAILED because, and I'll try to break this down for you:

1. This has to be about policy, not family.
2. Palin is fiercely agaisnt anything that is not abstinance education. So she belives that her approach is the only one that reaches teens and younger kids; she believes she's right.
3. I ASSUME that Bristol didn't plan on getting pregnant, and that Palin didn't exactly encourage it. Abstinence only.
4. So based on the fact that her own teenager is pregnant, we can clearly see that her policy choice doesn't work. The only way you argue against that is if you say that Palin was at least neutral to the idea that her teenager might get pregnant.

As for conservative RESPONSIBLE parents, look at McCain. Divorced a handicapped wife whom he was cheating on, and called her a C))T in public. Good job GOP.