September 25, 2008

Chickens and Ducks

Those angry leftists; such short memories.

As soon as Barack Obama won the Democrat nomination for President, John McCain challenged him to a series of debates, town-hall style. If Obama had accepted, we would have had a handful or so already. But Barry ducked the requests.

Now Barry and the O-supporters want to call McCain a chicken for wanting to push back a debate on Barry's weakest issue, and John's strongest, national security. Does that even make sense?

It was an economic collapse which put the final nail in the Soviet coffin - no amount of weapons could save them. In essence, it was a grave security issue. Now, America finds itself in a similar security crisis - heading toward a more socialistic state which would put us in economic collapse.

Instead of accepting the challenge to put aside politics for a few days, Barry is ducking a debate on the financial mess we are in. Why? It's simple. To resolve the issue, we must discuss how we got here. That's a security issue Barry and the Democrats (Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, etc.) can't afford to discuss.

For months now, Obama has been ducking debates. They can call McCain what they want, but the 'chickens' are on the left. Walk and chew gum at the same time? How about a discussion about their socialistic plans and how they lead to this economic disaster. Can they handle it?

There is just no reasoning with these people. So let them name-call and act like high-school punks. The facts prove otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Obama is not the one ducking the debate. It's on Friday night. Who will be there?

If these two can't work on this problem and take out an hour for a debate at the same time, how will they be ready to run this country? There will be much more "multi-tasking" to do then.

Draco said...

Well, I'd argue that if you want to pick out Freddie and Fannie, you have to analyze them in the context of the whole system. Corruption was a large part, but look at the Iraq war.

The bottom line is that the system took a dump, and F&F failed as well, just like the venerated banks. If you want to talk regulation on a wide scale, you blame the GOP. IF you want to use the F&F proposal, you can make an argument, but you'd still have to aknowledge that even if the bill had passed, regulators would not have seen this coming.

This crisis is not so much about regualtion as it is about changing the fundemental American way of life. Save more, spend less. Can'tr afford, don't try to buy. Corporate greed relied on this principle as much as they did on de-regulation.