September 26, 2008

Despite the Hype, Debate Uneventful

Neither guy hit a home run tonight. Considering Barack just had to hold his own, he succeeded in his task.

Still, the Big O has been sold as this great debater, a brilliant mind. I just don't see it. More importantly, I bet those who are just tuning in may have been disappointed in Barry's lack of quick-witted responses. One thing he's not - the reincarnation of Slick Willie.

McCain was himself; dry and sometimes awkward with words. But he understands the issues related to security and it showed. He capitalized on the rookie's mistakes, though couldn't find the exact phrase to expose them properly.

John's only glaring mistake, the occasional stares into the audience (once with his hand blocking the lights) which made it look like he was searching for a secret sign from an audience member.

There weren't many soundbite-worthy quotes, with one good exception. At this point in the debate, they were discussing when it's appropriate to use diplomacy verses taking action...

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