September 3, 2008

"A Star is Born"

The energy in the room (from my living room vantage point) was electric.

She started flawlessly, ended brilliantly. She's got a sense of humor and a firm grip on reality. She's got a nasty little snarl; one I'm sure her detractors will get to see a lot of in the coming years.

They thought she lacked depth, they were wrong. She's sweet, yet tough. They thought she lacked substance, they were wrong. They thought she was just a stewardess, they were ignorantly WRONG. They thought she was an uptight conservative christian...oooooooo, sorry, WRONG!!

Quotes I'll take from this classic speech...

Every woman (I add, not just Liberal Dems) can walk through the door of opportunity.

I guess a small-town mayor is sorta like a community organizer, except you have actual responsibilities.

The difference between a hockey mom and pit-bulls...lipstick!!

Al-Queda wants to inflict catastrophic harm on Americans, and he's (Obama) worried that someone won't read them their rights.

Barack Obama has had the time to write two memoirs, but no time to write meaningful legislation.

Let's be clear, there's just one man in this election who's every really fought for you.

There are some politicians who use change to promote their careers, and some who use their careers to promote change.

When the cloud of rhetoric has passed, when the roar of the crowd fades away, when the stadium lights go out, and those styrofoam Greek columns head back to Hollywood...and after he's done parting the waters and healing the planet...the answer (from Obama) is to make government bigger.

She had the audience in her hand and the MSM by the balls. I could almost hear Keith Olbermann choking.


JB said...

Thank goodness someone finally came out and said people needed to read the fine print on Barry's tax plans. The speech of her life, perhaps the speech that could define the election, and she did well.

The media was tough on the amount of sarcasm and comparisons to Obama. Which I found odd since it was the media that pounced on "within a heartbeat of the presidency". Why waste time comparing her to Biden when everyone seems to disrespectfully think McCain will kick the bucket and she'll end up at the main desk? Honestly, the hypocrisy is unbearable! You have to defend yourself. It's not like the Dem's were gentle last week.

Huckabee and Guiliani also did great jobs. I found Huck's remarks to be incredibly poignant -"I'm not a Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me."...which is why I get so aggravated when a glorified celebrity with minimal experiance comes along and threatens to take away whatever mild success I have achieved.

draco said...

I frankly am enjoying the coverage of these conventions more than ever. On one side, you guys will argue it aint so, you have FOX News. Ugh. On the other, MSNBC, that I will gladly admit is openly rooting for Obama. Finally, you have someone gunning for the FOX anchors. And you know what? It's freanking great. It adds flavor. I don't consider FOX or MSNBC great news sources, because both distort. You want real news? Watch the BBC. You want theater and drama? Keep tuned.

page13 said...

I know it's difficult for you to realize, but FOX only appears to be rooting for the GOP, because they aren't obvious lap dogs to Barry and the left.

FOX on the other hand, every night, multiple times a night, has commentators from both sides.

Yes, they also have staff who are either rooting for or agree with the GOP side of issues, so?

The problem is that some anchors (usually on other networks) refuse to admit their bias, but clearly report with one.

When was the last time Keith Olbermann was challenged by a permant fixture to the MSNBC anchors?

Maybe not perfectly 50-50 balanced, but they are definitely fair.

draco said...

Again, I can't really argue with you, because this is all a matter of perception. Sure, I laugh at the FAUX News jokes. I'd laugh at MSNBC jokes, but there aren't any yet.
Honestly, there are so many things to talk about rather than calling out some of the media. My advice to all of you is this: use the only power little people have left, and be consumers about this. Watch whatever's fair, and not the rest. Drive up ratings, and drive MSNBC into the dirt.
And if these attacks are so over the line, then you'd expect people to know better. So simmer down. Once you realise this is just a game, you start seeing it for what it is: entertainment.

draco said...

So I was watching the Daily Show,
So Bill had his Pinhead segment on, and he absolutely bashed little Spears' parents because they obviously can't control their daughter. "the blame lies with the pinheads.'
Palin gets "as long as the family can support them, then its not an issue."
So.....fair, balanced, or....
Please feel free to watch the clips.