September 21, 2008

Race and the Union Vote

An interesting article from Selena Zito at Real Clear Politics.

It seems race will play a role with some voters according to Bill George, Pennsylvania's AFL-CIO leader. But George is responding to his Ohio counterpart's endorsement of John McCain and attempts to draw race parallels.

"We in America like to think we don't have any hang-ups or stereotypes. But because of our history and because of a lot of industrial psychology controlling the masses, people have innate prejudices."

George says that the mind-set of some people in the labor movement regarding race is no different than it is in church groups, or in the Republican Party.

If true, what is he saying about the Democrat's most-loyal voting base? If it's not true, perhaps members actually have real issues with Barack Obama beyond race and, thinking for themselves, reject his ideas.

Additionally, why is this type of mindset equivocated with presumed Republican racism? It seems George is telling us a lot about the core of the Democrat party, but attempts to justify it by accusing Republicans of doing the same. That's weak and eye opening.

The left assumes conservatives are racists, much like they assumed we were sexists. Were being the key word - it became past tense after they witnessed how much Sarah Palin lit the fuse of the GOP base.


Ralph said...

"I'm hearing a lot of people saying, 'He's too young, he's too inexperienced,' " said Philadelphia AFL-CIO President Pat Eiding. "What they're really saying is, 'He's black.' "

I love this quote...even if you add, "and he'll raise taxes". I'm sure that's code.

SS (notthatkind) said...

And when a black guy says it? What exactly is he really saying?