September 24, 2008

Leftist Blogs React to McCain Suspension

"Chicken McCain"
"Grandpa McCain suspends his campaign to take a nap"
"I'm taking my ball and going home"
"Is McCain chickening out of the debate?"
These are just a sampling of the headlines by childish-left PA bloggers as they realize McCain just outsmarted Obama by suspending his campaign to focus on the terms of the bailout.

They probably realize it will reverse the advantage Obama gained over the last few days caused by the financial crisis in the sub-prime lending market (Democrat Social Engineering fingerprints all over it). They probably don't want a real look into what caused this problem. They probably see it will be viewed as an act of leadership by the Republican candidate. They probably wish Barack had done this first.

Otherwise, why else would they react so emotionally; so childishly. Really fellas, you need to grow up.

No links to their comments - I refuse to give them any increased traffic directly.


Draco said...

By all accounts, he did start it. With the 8am phone call. McCain just held a press conference; and it's worth noting that this delay in debates is a good political move for someone who doesn't communicate very well, and needs to stop the Obama momentum.

As for the actual problem, I'll wait to see what happens. Because so far, the economy has gone from "fundamentally sound" to "recession or depression."

So rather than speculate about "ifs", lets concentrate on other things. Like, what do you think we should do about the econ problem?

page13 said...

My solutions, first focus on my own back yard...

Don't take out any bad loans
Pay off credit cards immediately
Don't over-spend
Invest conservatively
Work hard
Don't panic
Vote GOP

Fundamentally sound is the description of a free-market economy - free of government intervention. When the government decided to grow by a trillion dollars, we moved closer to socialistic economy.

When the sub-prime market bubbled, there were calls to stop Fannie, Freddie, and Lehman from continuing their practices.

But Democrats said there was no crisis; that "main street" America deserved the basic right to affordable housing.

The money (in paper only) made in this market benefitted not the homeowners or taxpayers, it benefitted ACORN (voter-fraud organization), Chris Dodd (head of the banking, housing, and urban affairs committees), John Kerry, and Obama.

But the taxpayers are now footing the bill, leading us to the brink of economic depression.

My long-term solution...
Don't vote for Obama
Schedule impeachment hearings of Kerry, Dodd, and Barney Frank
Let Johnson and Raines do the perp walk.