September 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

One man's message to Barack. Self-produced and profoundly moving. Who is he? You have to watch it to the end to find out.

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Draco said...

Totally agree with him. Totally.

Freedom is worth it. Freedom should be fought for.

So why aren't we putting down the genocidal dictators of Africa? As a soldier, the message you are taught is the message he just delivered. It helps you cope with your personal sacrifice, and the sacrifice of those around you.

Unfortunately, you are not taught to think about the bigger picture. He thinks we went in there to promote freedom. He's wrong about that. And the sacrifice of his fellow service men and women would not have happened if we hadn't gone in there to begin with.

It was moving. It's a soldier's story. Unfortunately, today more than ever, they're not heard.
That's why more service men/women donate to Obama.
As for McCain, he sacrificed. But he's home now. The number of GI bills he's voted for: 0. I repeat: 0. Why? Because it would negatively impact retention rates during war. So to John McCain, that soldier's, and this soldier's choice to go to college, or to send his or her kids there, doesn't matter.
That's the reason I can't vote for McCain.