September 11, 2008

September 11th

As it was covered...

...page13news will never forget.

If only the beaurocrats would get on with rebuilding the towers. 7 years and it's still a hole in the ground. Sad.


Anonymous said...

Seven years after the 9/11 terrorist attack and today I found out that two of my workers are die-hard government conspiracy cool-aid drinkers. I sat in amazement as they argued their case quoting every blurb from various web sites and “fact based” short films. They also insisted that President Bush was pulling all the strings on the “Tower Explosions” These guys are just out of diapers and I gave them some slack because of their youth but no amount of actual facts would sway their belief. They insisted that I watch “loosechange911”, which I did...this film plays fast and loose with “their” facts. I then asked if they new the facts about the John F. Kennedy assassination. They did not so I told them to watch the movie “JFK” to get the true story.
Finally, when I explained that the media, which hates Bush, had even an inkling that it was an inside job, would have been all over this administration; their answer to that was government intimidation. I gave up…I then scolded them for loafing and sent them back to work.
By the way, one is an Obama supporter, one is for McCain.

TrekMedic251 said...

Anonymous - both are idiots. Check out Popular Mechanics - they debunked the conspiracies using sound scientific and engineering princicples.

Ralph said...

You stand corrected trekmedic251, they know (didn’t read it!) of the Popular Mechanics article but they’re lackeys for the government. These guys have a serious case of tunnel vision. They’re actually pretty bright fellows but yea…they are idiots.