September 2, 2008

Big Event Saturday

There's a big event in the New York metro region this weekend. No, it's not the Dolphins/Jets game - Farve v Pennington 1 will take place in Miami. The Giants and Redskins will play Thursday, so that's not it.

Ah, you may be saying, Phillies/Mets 4pm Saturday at Shea? Good guess, but wrong.

RightOnline, the conservative version of Netroots, will hold its second convention in 6 weeks this Saturday in the shadows of the Big Apple. The Wall Street Journal's John Fund and Matt Lewis of are among the notable guests who will be attending.

The first convention, held in Austin, TX in July, was attended by over 500 bloggers and right wing activists. There's a good chance the numbers in the megalopolis will be higher.

Following the event, I suggest Philly-area bloggers head over to Flushing Meadows to see what sort of trouble we can create with Mets fans. I'm searching for tickets now. Of course a trip to Greenwich Village could be just as interesting.

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