December 8, 2008

Birth Cert - Constitution Update

We, the Almighty and Powerful Supreme Court, sworn to uphold the Constitution, have decided only certain portions of that old, worn out document actually have relevance and are worthy to be discussed.

They have refused to hear the case of Leo Donofrio, which contends that Obama is not a natural born citizen because his father maintained a Kenyan citizenship at the time of his birth. The lawsuit charged the New Jersey Secretary of State should not have allowed Obama on the ballot because the "natural born" citizenship status had yet to be verified.

There's still Philip Berg's case, which contends that not only has Obama not proven he is a natural born citizen, but that even if he was, that citizenship was renounced when his step-father enrolled him in an Indonesian school. At the time, the school only allowed citizens to attend.

Stay tuned.

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