December 7, 2008

NFL Week 14

Eagles continue to run the ball after the scripted plays were finished and surprise, they win. Donovan McNabb, 19-30 for 191 yards, was efficient and mistake free verses one of the NFL's best defenses.

Perhaps the Burress flack is a little more than just a personal judgement issue for the Giants after all.

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers beat the Cowboys 20-13. There's something classic about this matchup, whenever it's played. The Steeler won in dramatic fashion with an interception return for a touchdown with under 2 minutes remaining.

The Pittsburgh win means the Eagles are firmly in the playoff hunt. If Tampa beats Atlanta, and the Birds pull off a 5 game win streak to end the season (games against Cleveland, Washington, and Dallas remain), they will be the 6th playoff seed in the NFC. Not easy, but possible.

In the AFC, the Dolphins and Patriots win while the Jets lose. That creates a 3-team log jam atop the AFC East. If Miami wins their remaining games against the 49ers, Chiefs, and Jets (in the season finale), they win the AFC East.

In fantasy news, page13 relaxed while enjoying a playoff bye week, earned after becoming the SFL's 2nd seed. page13 is pursuing a third title in the 19 year history of the league.

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Ralph said...

I wouldn’t be too proud about making the playoffs in this league. A bunch of has-been drunks who pay their league fee just to have an excuse to get out and mingle with best old friends. One team has never made a transaction in 19 years and continues to provide fodder for draft day abuse. On a lighter side, I for one am very excited about our leagues 20 year anniversary and possible road trip. Hopefully it will result in several scrums and a few arrests. Which brings me to an idea about a new add campaign for Vegas, “If you remember what happened in Vegas, keep it to yourself”.