December 31, 2008

2008 - Those Were the Days

2008 Quick Hits

-The year journalism died.
-The year the Clintons finally went a... - no wait, not done with them yet.
-The first African-American is elected President, that's cool.
-He's a socialist; oh, not so cool.
-He replaces a conservative turned socialist.

-Gas hits record highs, then tanks as the dollar it relies on falls.
-There's still a Castro in Cuba, 50 years later.
-The year a failed Democrat policy and it's danger to the US economy (low-income housing assistance) is exposed, and no one seems to care.

-McCain wins the we-got-nuttin' GOP primary.
-A star is born in Sarah Palin.
...prompting the media to lose it's mind.
-Doesn't matter, Bush is still the GOP poster boy, whole party loses.

-Campean and Ramos are still in prison.
-Democrat operatives investigate a private citizen, Joe the Plummer, because he asked a question the media wouldn't - and the one he questioned flubbed the answer.

Tony Snow
Charleton Heston
Tim Russert
Heath Ledger
George Carlin
Paul Newman
John McKay

Fannie and Freddie
The Big Three

-Michael Phelps
-The not-so-perfect Patriots
-The hapless Detroit Lions
-Flyers return to prominence, then lose to the Pens in the conference finals.
-Dolphins complete a most-incredible turnaround.
-Eagles make playoffs while looking bad doing it.

...and The Phillies end Philly's championship drought.

Whew, that was exhausting...

I hope you have plenty of food and water stored away. No particular reason (wink), just a wish for you and your family.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2009 from page13news.

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