December 5, 2008

Senate Hearings - A Joke, Not Funny

I am watching highlights of the Big Three Auto execs being grilled by Congress and can't help but wonder why the Senators aren't sitting in the seats the executives are.

Instead, with grand pomposity oozing from their pores, they question the big, evil, rich white guys on why their industry has failed.

The bailout will go to the industry, that's becoming obvious, the excuses are already being laid out. The fake objections to the auto bailout requests until now have all been for show, to make it seem like the Senators really care about how they spread the wealth.

The only remaining questions revolve around the extent of control the government will have over the domestic automakers. As someone called it, Rush I believe, you are witnessing the "greening" of the auto industry.

Local governments are also lining up at the trough like the scum-eating pigs they are. States, counties, and big cities just can't wait to get their piece of government-controlled pie.

Be sure, a giant dog and pony show will accompany those requests for US dollars, but in the end, the cash will be printed for them as well.

Instead of these fraud committees grilling executives, hearings examining the actions of members of the Senate banking, finance, education, and housing committees should be the focus.

Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Max Baucus, Ben Bernanke, and King Henry Paulson (heck, let's bring every member of Congress up) should have to answer questions from taxpayers who have had enough.

The questioning would go something like this...

Senators and esteemed government appointees, you have screwed up social security, medicare, medicaid, education, and the housing industry. You've wasted billions of dollars with government excesses and handouts. You've destroyed the free-market society which had a proven track record of success, before your meddling tore it apart.

With your "oversight" you've created an environment where American industries are choked to death by your regulations and comfy ties to the unions who help keep you in your powerful positions, to the point where they are forced to come begging for your assistance; and with it, further oversight, further control.

Just who in the heck do you think you are, Senators??

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