December 15, 2008

Hoeffel 'Playing Politics' with The Law

Former US Senate candidate Joe Hoeffel (D-PA), doesn't like that law enforcement is getting what it wants.

The budget for Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman's office requested additional funding for more administrative staff from the county's general fund, with additional confiscated funds (from law enforcement activities) going toward material support to detectives in the field instead of paying for the new administrative positions.

Hoeffel tried to stir the pot by claiming Ferman's office was getting special treatment by not adhering to the Montco's self-imposed hiring freeze. He's referring to a 3-2 vote down party lines which approved the DA's request.

Ferman responded by citing Pennsylvania state law which doesn't allow for the necessary expenses of law enforcement to be jeopardized when it comes to budgeting. She also accused the two Democrats of playing politics with public safety.

Bingo Risa!

HT Alex at PAWaterCooler

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