December 3, 2008

Chambliss Win and Specter

Now that the Democrats won't get the 60 vote insta-socialism Senate they wanted, they will have to rely on so-called moderate Republicans to pass their agenda, without the potential of a filibuster looming.

This puts Arlen Specter and other centrists in a pickle.

First, the obvious. Will he stay home with the party he needs to re-elect him in 2 years, or give Pat Toomey (or another potential primary contender) plenty of ammunition?

Second, if Arlen sides with the left, it also increases the chances the Dems will focus on PA in 2010. If he survives the primary, the bitter fight will not just drain him of cash, but may leave Specter with half the party considering to stay home. If he loses, Democrats will make PA their number one target.

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ethanD said...

so true, hopefully Toomey or someone else can take his spot